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People complaining about how “Precure fans are everywhere and taking over magical girl fandom”. Think of what it was like to be a Precure fan pre-Heartcatch! We were ignored everywhere!
Being embarrassed to admit you’re a Madoka fan because the fandom is the cause of so much secondhand embarrassment for you.
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Anonymous asked : Have you been ignoring my confessions? I sent it in a few weeks ago and nothing.

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Submitted by: conceptsoflove
The fact that the tarot-themed magical girl anime was so… MEH.
Losing a lot of faith in Cartoon Network and Toonami after learning they’re the main reason the Cloverway dub of Sailor Moon was so rushed and inconsistent, and that they were actually the ones who pushed for stronger censorship, not the writers.
How heated the flame wars over sexuality of the characters in Revolutionary Girl Utena can get.
Madoka stans who think that their show getting criticized and bashed is overwhelming compared to the rest of the genre, which has been constantly mocked for many years before Madoka aired, just for their light-hearted and girly nature.
Counting regular idol anime (especially shoujo ones) as magical girl series.
How detailed the rear of the Utena 1/8 figure is
Feeling like you’re the only one who likes the English dub of Revolutionary Girl Utena.