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Being in the Precure fandom and watching people try and cry about Crystal having the ‘worst animation quality ever!’. Y’all ain’t seen nothing yet.
The fans who say that manga Usagi and Mamoru only fell in love because their memories of the Silver Millenium came back. Did they not pay attention to the first ten chapters? There was definitely some chemistry already at work.
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moodiemad asked : Wow, magicalgirlproblems mod confirmed for a total sweetheart and having a++ view on the subject. Thank you for your answer and for having this lovely blog!

Ahhhh thank you for thinking so!!! i have a lot of feelings on this topic

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Anonymous asked : The target audience of a show is literally the audience that the producers of the show go in aiming at. The periphery demographic is anyone outside of that audience who picks it up. That's literally their definitions.

Well sometimes definitions are bullshit. No offense to you, dear anon, this is just my view point. (and i am so sorry when i get very into a discussion my verbal filter just explodes and disappears)

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moodiemad asked : I'm kinda new to it, but it annoys me how the mg fandom seems to be parted in two sections. One thinks that mg shows shouldn't depict mature topics/themes because they're for children and Madoka is just pandering to males who can't watch a mg show unless it's dark and edgy (which is bs btw), and the other goes about the complete opposite. Which got me interested, what do you see as the target audience for mg shows and what do you think about this separation in the fandom?

Oh boy, in my down time I’ve actually gathered a lot of thoughts on this. I believe that the separation is ABSOLUTELY ridiculous. People should have every right to watch what they want to watch without having any sort of label slapped onto their asses.

The target audience is whoever the fuck wants to watch the damn shows. Are you a 12 year old who thinks Madoka is the awesomest show in the history of existence? Great! That’s wonderful! Are you a 35 year old who thinks Precure is absolutely lovely in every sense of the word? That’s fine too! As long as you aren’t a total bastard about what shows you watch and how you go about expressing your liking for them (such as bashing the other shows in favor of your own) then there is literally no reason why you shouldn’t be able to watch whatever magical girl show you want, regardless of your age or gender.

Literally the only time when watching a magical girl anime or reading the manga is wrong is if it’s for masturbatory purposes (let’s get real these girls, in 99% of the shows, are underage) or if the sole purpose you are watching it is to pick it apart and ‘prove why it’s garbage’

Wow okay that’s a lot of text, I really hope that I answered your question moodiemad!!

People who think PMMM is the only series where magical girls suffer. Every single magical girl anime has girls suffering in it and yes, they are major themes in them. Don’t get me started on Sailor Moon. Seriously. Every season/arc, the main characters suffer horrifically. Hell, one of the characters’ defining feature is her loneliness and how awful it must be for her (Sailor Pluto). Also, Hotaru. Even cute series like CCS has characters suffering in it. What makes PMMM stand out so much here?
How the Madoka Magica movies cut Mami’s backstory when adapting the third episode, only to replace it with a shot of water falling from a pipe. Don’t mind that, Shaft, it’s not like it was a super-important insight into her character or anything. I’m sure it must have left at least a few people who had been convinced to go see the movies without watching the show first wondering what could have made Mami “waste” her wish.
When people think that a lack of racial diversity in MG shows is always due to malicious racism. One of my Japanese friends said that she gave her manga an all-Japanese cast because she had had very little interaction with people of other races and was scared of potentially offending people from other races. Her heart was in the right place, imo. I honestly think this accounts for a lot of manga-ka’s reluctance since some parts of Japan have very little foreign presence.
The relationship between Rei and Usagi in the orginal sailormoon anime
Every magical girl parody having the same jokes