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The clumsy, awkward, and downright forced social commentary in Sugar Sugar Rune
The fact that pmmm is deemed to be the best magical girl anime because it’s dark and more meaningful. Just because something is morbid or sad or scary doesn’t mean it’s more profound than lighter magical girl animes.
Not knowing where to begin with the precure series
Not being able to start the precure series because sailor moon was even too much for you to finish
Submitted by: deadlypies
Trying to find a piece of official MG merchandise you like and can wear without being unable to wear it due to size differences.
When Homura fans don’t see her behavior as problematic… until it disrupts their ship.
How people think the Sailor Moon transformations are fanservice. As a woman, lesbian, and feminist, I don’t see how it can be taken as titillating. Yeah, I know, they’re ‘naked’ during the transformation, but why does being naked automatically mean ‘sex’? There’s the glowy body, and even though we can see the outline, there isn’t any sort of shot where there is a purposeful pandering gaze. There’s a clear difference between something like SM and something like Lyrical Nanoha or Vividred.
Feeling like the only person who likes the old Winx Club animation better than the new one.
When people who have finished the show give you a hard time for complaining about Madoka not becoming a magical girl when in fact the show was made to lead you into thinking she would, and anyone who watched it when it was airing would wonder when she was going to do something besides cry.
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Anonymous asked : I don't know where that self harm person from the Sailor Moon problem lives but insteadofcutting(.)tumblr(.)com/hotlines has several self harm hotlines that might be able to point them in the right direction for help.