Magical Girl Fan Problems
Magical Girl Fan Problems, where you are free to vent about whatever problems you have with any show or fandom in the magical girl genre! Please read the submit rules if you choose to submit a fan problem you made yourself!
Sweet, innocent Nagisa feeling out of place in a grimdark setting like Madoka Magica.
The manga having a perfectly good (if far-fetched) explanation for Utena having a different uniform, and the anime changing it to “she wears the boy’s uniform, that’s why her clothes look absolutely nothing like what the boys wear!”
The shady as hell romance developing in Happiness Charge between a little girl and, well… god.
When you can’t mention the word “witch”, which has been an integral part of the genre since its creation, without someone shoving those mindless monsters from Madoka into the subject, like saying that “becoming a witch” in any other show is the same as in Madoka.
When mods of MG blogs accept deliberate flame-baiting posts but then claim they’re super careful about not approving those things. I guess it’s hard to remain impartial when you’re biased and agree with said flame-baiting/troll posts.
The rivalry between Madoka Kaname fans and Usagi Tsukino fans over their voices and constant crying.
When people are hypocritical about triggers in the MG fandom. ALL triggers should be treated with respect and understanding but why do people who agree with this proceed to trigger others in the fandom with their snark and condescending comments? Multiple members of the fandom have said this triggers them and none of the people who ~respect triggers~ are acknowledging them, ever! It shows they are actually after tumblr sjw points and are plain lying about caring.
Never truly understanding Mytho’s aversion to pants and why he decides to wear pajama pants in season two when he didn’t with his night shirt in season one.
Wanting to write an AU where Usagi gets together with and stays in a relationship with a girl, but not wanting to write Chibi-usa out of existence.
Having to unfollow some MG blogs because of Sailor Moon Crystal liveblogging and identical gif posts clogging up my dash. I don’t know when it’s safe to go back to following them but I’m guessing it won’t be any time soon. I like Sailor Moon but it’s annoying to see nothing but Sailor Moon on my dash.