Magical Girl Fan Problems
Magical Girl Fan Problems, where you are free to vent about whatever problems you have with any show or fandom in the magical girl genre! Please read the submit rules if you choose to submit a fan problem you made yourself!
Submitted by: himesatomarias
When you want to see magical boys but you don’t like Shugo Chara.
When people say you’re not a magical fan just because you don’t care for PreCure.
When you try to ask for legal methods of watching magical girl anime, and people keep throwing illegal streaming sites and illegal torrents towards you. Thanks, but that’s not what I asked for!
The theory that Kyubey represents the patriarchy and that Madoka Magica was made with an empowering message for women. Not only are the girls still very limited in their power and being sacrificed for a cause that’s not their own, but the entire series was made by adult men, for adult men.
The line about not need men’s help showing just as Sailor Moon dances with Tuxedo Mask in the new opening.
Having the feeling you are the only heterosexual girl whose favourite characters are Haruka&Michiru
Submitted by: blue-eyed-hanji
Getting irrationally irritated when fans use the English names from the 90s dub instead of the proper, original Japanese names when talking about Sailor Moon characters.
Submitted by: blue-eyed-hanji
When people complain that they hate Sailor Moon Crystal because it isn’t like the original anime - when it shouldn’t because SMC is an adaptation of the manga, not a redo on the old anime.
How Ikuto treats Amu in such a gross way, especially since he’s a senior in high school and she’s 12 years old.