Magical Girl Fan Problems
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When people will ruin their otherwise intelligent, well thought-out confession by throwing in a less-than-clever insult directed towards a series that has nothing to do with the confession’s topic at the very end.
Being the only person in a group of friends you met via the Madoka Magica fandom on Tumblr who enjoyed Oriko Magica, and always feeling really awkward whenever the conversation is about the manga spinoffs and everyone else starts talking about how much they hated the plot and all of the new characters in it. They’re a nice group, but because of this I’m really nervous to announce that I’m planning to cosplay Kirika at the next convention I go to.
The fans who call Madoka a Mary-Sue because of her vast world-breaking magical potential. If that’s the only reason you don’t like her, blame Homura (even though she didn’t know it would happen either), not Urobuchi or the writers, who could have easily never addressed it at all or thrown in an explanation with no context that they pulled out of nowhere in the last two minutes of the last episode.
How “Credens Justiam” is the only song Madoka fans ever feel the need to talk about. Don’t get me wrong, it is a good song, but I feel like all the others are being ignored.
Wondering how the hell Mami Tomoe’s hair works, and how many hours a day she needs to curl it.
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Anonymous asked : You are by far the coolest confessions mod ever. <3 Thank you for not being a jerk like so many of the others. You actually seem open and approachable.

Ahhhhh thank you! That is too sweet of you to say ahhhh

Realizing the males with the healthiest relationships with the girls are hated the most. And that some fans would prefer unhealthy gay relationships to perfectly healthy straight relationships. I understand the want for more representation but you should also note how healthy it&#8217;d be.
People turning their dislike of the sailor moon crystal animation into hatred and disrespect towards other people. And making blogs with their hate all over it. You can dislike the new animation, but to feel like you can diss the animators is not cool.
Not enough variety in Precure designs. While the bushy eyebrow Cures are nice and it&#8217;s nice that Cure Sunny has an accent that&#8217;s less common I still really wish for more representation.
Wanting to cosplay Cure March, but not even beginning to know what to do with all that hair.