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When people who have finished the show give you a hard time for complaining about Madoka not becoming a magical girl when in fact the show was made to lead you into thinking she would, and anyone who watched it when it was airing would wonder when she was going to do something besides cry.
12 hours ago
Anonymous asked : I don't know where that self harm person from the Sailor Moon problem lives but insteadofcutting(.)tumblr(.)com/hotlines has several self harm hotlines that might be able to point them in the right direction for help.
Not wanting Sailor Moon Crystal to EVER cover Stars because you’ll either want to put your fist through the screen or self-harm when you see Seiya. Not wanting to admit this because everyone will mock you.
All those rumours about how “if this show or that show does well, FUNimation will license-rescue Tokyo Mew Mew and Ojamajo Doremi!”
The way Madoka Magica is treated like the very first magical girl show that deconstructs the genre, or puts a dark spin on it. This ignores shows like Revolutionary Girl Utena, Princess Tutu, Uta Kata, and I’m sure many others.
The fact that Card Captor Sakura isn’t getting a reboot as well. I mean, I love Sailor Moon and look forward to when Crystal premiers but I can’t help but wish Card Captor was having one as well.
The insane necessity of a lot of magical girls fans to compare and make a competition out of every series out there.
2 days ago
hamsofwar asked : I've actually seen Le Portrait de Petite Cosette, but I never considered it a magical girl show - More of a ghost story, in a way. But I can see how it might be considered one. I do wish that there was some sort of Victorian magical girl show, though. Also, for curiosity sake, do you consider something like Steven Universe to be a Magical Girl show?

I freaking love steven universe and i 1000% consider it a magical girl show. It doesn’t get enough love. Diverse body shapes, poc. And Nikki freaking Minaj was in the latest episode as Sugilite!

2 days ago
hamsofwar asked : Have you ever seen a Victorian Magical Girl show? Does such a thing exist? I've just always loved the idea of it - The elaborate costumes, the extra element of secrecy given the period, how the typical lesbian subtext would work while homosexuality was illegal, and just giving normal young ladies in a period where they had so much less control over their lives more power than the men, then watching them try to balance it.

I personally haven’t (if there is one let me know, I love the victorian era and would eat that right up!) though there is a short one I know of that takes place partially in history and partially in the current times. It’s called Le Portrait De Petit Cosette. It’s 3 episodes long but I so very much caution you. Things get very weird and violent, so stay away of you are easily scared or triggered by something like that. I know it’s not outright a magical girl one in the same sense as sailor moon but she does have some powers. Sort of

Ooh I just remembered! It isn’t a show but a book series that takes place in the victorian era where the main girls discover a magic source and use it to fight off an evil that wants to take it over. There’s romance (spoiler alert, there is a lesbian couple), suspense, I love it. The Gemma Doyle trilogy by Libba Bray
2 days ago
Anonymous asked : Do you accept all kinds of problems, or are there ones you turn away for whatever reason?

The ones that I turn away are: the ones that are not problems but confessions (I get a surprising amount of those still), ones that are very much like a post in the queue already, ones that call out a specific person (‘so and so being such a jerk’), and ones that are needlessly hateful or mean.